Photo by Crackerfarm

Photo by Crackerfarm

Who am I?

Well if you're navigating to this site, then you've probably heard/seen me babble on all day with Haikus and pictures of food and music venues. That's pretty much what I'm about. I play cello for a band called The Avett Brothers, and on my off time or time on the road I seek out local cuisine or just places I've always wanted to eat. If you've noticed, I don't review restaurants. I just talk about and take pictures of the ones I like. No reason to say bad things about a restaurant when it's all just subjective anyway.

Where did I get my love of food?

Well, I grew up around food and eating together with family. For my grandmother it was VERY important that the family grew up together, and most importantly, ate together on a weekly basis. I always described it like this. . .Most of my friends growing up had yearly "Family Reunions," when everyone from the Park side of the family would get together and have a weekend full of fun and games. . .well we had weekly family reunions and the Parks and the Kwons and the Chungs all got together every week to play games, eat, drink, and have a blast. That's it. We grew up knowing what good food was and knowing that good food is surrounded by good people.

So I watched my mom a lot growing up. She made all sorts of traditional Korean dishes, and I soaked up every bit of it that I could retain. My recipes section is primarily foods I learned from my mom and foods that I hope you'll enjoy.  Please leave me a comment tell me how you've improved the recipe or how much liked/disliked the recipe. I'm just here to learn about food too.

So go out, eat in, just do it with other people because food by yourself just doesn't taste as good.