Local Eats: Thai Palace - Chapel Hill, NC

I LOVE NOODLE SOUPS! Thai Palace is a place my cousin and I frequent often. I hope you'll enjoy these local recommendations. Check'em out and tell me what you think!

Thai Palace is situated in an strip mall next to a Subway and is one of the few Thai restaurants in the area. We go here frequently for lunch to get these noodle soups. Try them Tom Yum style if you like it spicier.

These are some of the yummy sauces you have to ask for to get. Just ask for the "pepper sauces."
This is the pork noodle soup "Tom Yum" style. Did you notice the little bits of cracklins on top mixed in with the ground pork?
And this is the glorious beef noodle soup. Can't you just TASTE the salty spicy broth!!

Here's the google map page.