Kiss Seafood - San Francisco, CA

Back in May, The Avett Brothers had their debut concert at the legendary Fillmore West in San Francisco, CA. I was fortunate enough to score a reservation at this boutique sushi restaurant in the Japantown district.

Kiss Seafood is a small little shop that fits no more than 15 people at any given time. This means you have to call a few days in advance and expect to spend some time eating your meal. This is not your run-of-the-mill sushi restaurant either. You do NOT order a crunchy roll here or ask the chef to "leave the wasabi out." This is the kind of place you trust what he's moving your way and you enjoy it. Did I mention not to order any rolls?

(know what this is? let me know)

Ok, so I'm gonna say that this is not a normal night out for me. I was fortunate enough to meet up with my friend Blair and a business partner of his to experience this amazing meal. In other words, expect to walk out with your wallet feeling a bit lighter. This is a 7 course Chef's Omakase tasting menu. You'll be experiencing dishes that the chef assembles right in front of your eyes. This is sushi at it's best!

(know what this is? let me know.)
About the time this dish was set in front of me I started to realize something: the chef's hands. Each movement was so specific and so perfect. I felt as though his talents and technique were largely unnoticed by his clientele. (Assorted Sashimi, can you name them?)

The chef is behind the sushi bar making all the dishes while his wife pulls tiny, plated works of art from the bar and passes them to each of the 12-15 dining customers. It's an impressive feat, considering not everyone is eating the omakase. He's assembling a variety of dishes with precision and delicate attention, all the while drinking from small glass of Japanese beer.

Mackerel with miso broth and braised dikon radish.

The BEST Chawanmushi ever!

Nigiri assortment. Name that fish!

Miso mushroom soup?
If you saw the show at the Fillmore and you noticed I was looking chipper, you know WHY I was feeling the way I did! This meal was one to take to the grave. So go to Kiss Seafood and eat some SUSHI!

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