Avett New Year's Eating Guide - Atlanta, GA

Here are some great places to stop off while you're in Atlanta getting geared up for the show at Fox Theater. Now, realize that ATL is very large so some of these places might not be easily assessable. Regardless I'm positive you'll love these spots if you do go out of your way to try them.

See you in Dallas!

--Joe Kwon

R Thomas

The first time I came here was with the rest of the guys and my good friends Josh and Libby. They specialize in vegetarian food here and everything I've had was spectacular. Hope you like it too!

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Pho Dai Loi 2

You guessed it. This is a Phö restaurant. If you've never had phö then now's the time to try some. Phö is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup dish that's one of the best comfort foods of all time.

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Shoya Japanese Restaurant

I love Izakaya's. What's there not to love about a japanese bar food?

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