Zazie - San Francisco, CA

Gingerbread Pancakes - with bosc pears (in season) and lemon curd

The lines may be long, and the hipsters may have taken over the whole restaurant, but it's still a wonderful place to eat. Zazie's in San Francisco, is a french inspired breakfast must in busy SF.

I will preface this next statement by saying that I don't often order pancakes or waffles in restaurants. But, these pancakes were probably the best pancakes I've had in the states! They were amazing. Perfect spice from the gingerbread and a nice sweetness from the lemon curd. I was kinda blown away. Get them and eat them before your friends get their forks on it.

Croque Madame

The croque was different from other croques I've had. There was something in it that tasted much like white wine which I loved. I was guessing they added some wine the the bechemel sauce that was inside AND out of the sandwich. The egg might have been a tad over cooked for me but other than that it was perfectly decadent.

Salade Nicoise - fresh seared tuna, green beans, tomato, hard boiled egg, roasted peppers, and white boquerones anchovies (at your request) in a mustard vinaigrette

I didn't get to try the next two dishes but I included them because they were so beautiful. I'm guessing they were also amazing.

Monaco - with Zoe’s proscuitto and tomatoes provencales

I would have never heard of this place if it weren't for my friend Cat who suggested we check this place out on a recent visit to San Fran for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. I guess they made a top 100 list for their Egg's Benny. Unfortunately, croque madame was calling my name.

--Joe Kwon