Cafe Estelle - Philadelphia, PA

This little spot was a nice find on our last trip to Philly. I remember waking up and being at the venue thinking how awful the weather was and how cold it was outside. Then we stumble upon thsi place. I didn't know what to expect.

Much to my surprise I loved it!

There isn't much to say about croque monsieur/madames except they are the best breakfast sandwich in the world! Paired with some fruit they are for breakfast, paired with a salad, and as that TV cooking guy would say "BAM", they are for lunch, pair it with some shoestring fries and all of a sudden you've eaten about 6000 calories and you're eating the same thing again for dinner. How could this versatile sandwich steer you wrong. I love this sandwich so much, if it's on the menu you better believe I'm getting one.

Now there's a major difference betweet the croque monsieur and croque madame, an egg. The madame has one the monsieur doesn't. Both are amazing sandwiches but how could you ever go wrong by adding an egg. . .more on that in another post.

There are so many variables that could ruin this amazing dish. The bread has to be good, the ham, the cheese, etc. There's just too much to mess up. Cafe Estelle seems to pull it off perfectly with their version. I would have to say it ranks up there in my top 5 favorite croque madames. All the ingredients down to the very fresh side salad made my mouth and my stomach happy as could be. I can't speak for any of the other items on the menu but I love this madame!

If you'd like to find this little spot check out the google page here.