Ace Of Cakes - Baltimore, MD

So where do I start? We were on Ace of Cakes. Weird huh, I mean I've always marveled at their cakes and everyone on that show was so quirky and cool. Were we really just on Ace of Cakes?

I can't begin to tell you how nice these folks are. It was just an amazing experience all around. To be totally honest with you, we knew they were making us a cake. However, we had NO idea that it was going to be a CAKE! I mean c'mon a life size banjo cake with artwork and all and real strings!?!? Beautiful! Now I'm not sure if you know this but Bob is a huge fan of this show. So much so that he knew all the in's and out's of the shop. It was great to see Bob like a kid in a candy store. So I just have to post this picture of Bob and Duff. So the big question everyone is asking . . . "How was the cake? Really?" Everyone always seems to put the "Really" at the end. Would I lie to you? The cake was simply delicious. You can't make a successful cake empire by just making pretty cakes. At least not to the scale the folks over at Charm City Cakes have built an empire. The cakes have to be tastey and they have to be perfect. And I feel that they definitely strive for perfection at Charm City. The chocolate was moist and the icing I felt like was just straight up chocolate cream. HEAVY CREAM! It made my mouth water and there really was no way to stop eating it. Up until of course you realize you have to play a show and you're starting to feel the walls of your stomach push against your western belt buckle. So yes REALLY the cake was delicious and I would eat another one right now!

Thank you again Mary-Alice and everyone over at Charm City Cakes for making this an unforgettable experience.

--Joe Kwon