O'Donaghue's Pub 15 - Dublin, Ireland

This isn't really one of those places I'd blog about. The food was just, meh, but the Guinness was impeccable! It was like you could pick up the head on top with a fork. So thick and creamy! Just the right temperature!

I ordered this burger from the waitress who asked me "would you like pepper sauce?" I didn't quite understand what she was saying so I replied "Yes, bacon and cheese please." This is how Dublin is going to be for me. There is one great thing about this burger that I must include. If you could look past the overcooked patty and the soggy bacon, the meat itself was tasty! It had quite a bit of lamb in it giving it a nice rich flavor, at least that's what I think it was. The "chips" were hot but I'm starting to think the Irish aren't about fresh cut fries. Either that or I'm just not in the right food area. You put enough malt vinegar on fries and it'll make them taste just right.

--Joe Kwon