Local Eats: Pepper's Pizza

I remember coming to Pepper's with my sister's Si and Jin when they were in college some 10 years before me. They would let me stay with them for a weekend and take me to all sorts of yummy restaurants. So I guess you could say that Pepper's is my first food experience with Chapel Hill, NC. Who knew back then that I would end up in college there. The dish that I first had at Pepper's. The salad with poppyseed dressing. There is something special about this dressing that keeps you coming back. I honestly feel they could serve these simple salads with this special poppyseed dressing and make a business of it. It's divine! Fast forward to 2009 and I discover a new combination called the "dijoppy" dressing, a combination of their poppyseed and dijon dressings. Get it!

Pepper's is known for their pizza's of course. It's Franklin Street's version of an artisan pizzeria. I didn't get a snap shot of my favorite slice there but if you eat meat you must get it. It's called the Luau (sausage, chicken, tabasco sauce, onions, cheese). This is a slice of the Joint (left) and the Sarah (right). Both delicious but so different. The Joint is topped with Carolina style BBQ, tabasco sauce, onion, slaw, and cheese. The sarah is a vegetarian slice with spinach, cheese, onions, tomato, and feta. The Geddy Lee is another vegetarian slice with artichoke, sun dried tomato, and cheese.

Pepper's might not be the perfect crust or sauce to your palette, but their flavor combinations are so delicious that it's hard to pass up. The ambience is very relaxed and clientele are a mix of college students in PJ's and families with children. A great friendly place to eat and share a pie and pitcher of beer.

If you're visiting the area to go to a show at Memorial Hall or the Cradle, stop by this local hot spot and have yourself a little slice of Chapel Hill history.

--Joe Kwon

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