Stoop & Stoop - Amsterdam, Holland

On this everlasting quest to find good food in a tourist trap, I was sitting at a gigantic bar in the Leidse Square. A bit deflated with the amount of rain that has already fallen and even more so about how much more was yet to come, Pete, Cracker, and me were attempting to stay dry. We had been to this bar before and the service wasn't all that great but we were bound to be persistent enough until they were forced to like us. It worked! We then asked the server what her favorite place was to eat in town, we were directed to the Stoop & Stoop Eetcafe.

6 van Dobben bitterballen - Dutch Croquettes

These were similar to croquettes but they are hardly the same thing. In the inside is some sort of creamed meat and gravy and with the consistency of béchamel. These are served with some Dutch mustard which oddly enough makes the combination taste a lot like corn dogs. But I love me some corn dogs. CAUTION: These are extremely hot on the inside so be careful when you bite into them.

Brood met kruidenboter - Bread with garlic butter

Simply bread and garlic butter. Not the most amazing thing in the world but when you're eyes are bigger than your stomach it's good to fill your stomach with the cheap stuff first. Before you go ordering 4 entrées. I have that horrible habit, but I swear I'm trying to break it.

Spare Ribs Pikant - Spicy Spare Ribs
What in the world would the Dutch know about barbeque ribs? I've eaten Kansas City ribs, Memphis ribs, Pitt Country ribs, and I would have never thought to think that anyone this side of the pond would even know what ribs are. I guess I was wrong. Spare ribs I've been told are a Dutch tradition, so I had to give them a try. You're given the option of three different styles so I asked which one was the most traditional. "Pikant" it was!

So the big question . . . how were they? I've had better, BUT I've definitely had much worse. They may not be the best ribs in the world but the sauce is definitely one of my favorites now. A mixture of sweet and spicy, these ribs packed just a little punch, but the meat was a little tough. I'm used to the NC style of ribs that fall off the bone. Now that I think about it though, I kinda liked that you had to really work for the meat around the bones. Oh well I guess I loved them since I'm thinking about it this much.

The ribs are served with,none other than, a basket of 'chips' and mayo and a very fresh corn and onion salad with what tasted of a sweet dijon dressing. All of it was very impressive.

Gebakken gamba’s in knoflook - Fried Gambas in Garlic

Pete got the pan fried prawn, and they were amazing. I was quite jealous when I saw these big boys come out. They were fresh and smelled so good. Pete, being the nice guy he is, let me have the heads! Nothing like a good shrimp head.

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