Booche's - Columbia, MO

You must know one very important thing about Booche's. Do NOT order french fries. You might get kicked out it's such a serious offense. However, DO order more than one burger because you won't be full off of just one. Each burger is about a 1/4 lb patty and I recommend getting it with "the works." They may not be big but they are very tasty. I think a lot of the flavor has to come from the tiny grill top they use to serve this large pool hall/bar.

As far as ambience goes, let's just say I wouldn't bring my family here. It's a bar filled with old men drinking at 11 in the morning. But if you're fine with that, and giving your kids unhealthy foods, then go for it. Why not get them started early on bad eating habits, right! I did!

--Joe Kwon

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