Mai Thai - Amsterdam, Holland

Crackerfarm and I went out on many outings trying to find things to do and places to eat while we were in Amsterdam. We were there longer than anywhere else on this most recent tour. I've been told to stay away from restaurants that don't have many people sitting in them during peak hours. But sometimes you just have to go with what feels right.

Tom Yum Soup
The thing about this restaurant is that there isn't much to say about their food. The food wasn't mind altering and it wasn't even awful. But sometimes it's not only about the flavor of the food. Sometimes you find something so much deeper than what you were looking for.

Basil Beef
The lady server at this restaurant was so kind and had such a beautiful temperament that you couldn't help but feel calm in this hectic "city of sin". We walk in to Mai Thai and it's dingy and dark, and very un-assuming. We almost turn around to walk out after seeing it's completely empty, but we stop when the lady walks up to us with hands joined and bow towards us. "Please join us for lunch." We were hooked.

Masaman Curry
The masaman curry was great. Cracker was quite impressed and it takes a lot to impress him.

You could tell she was genuinely thrilled that we were there eating. She made you feel as if you were her long lost son coming home for a nice meal before taking off for the road. She reminded me of my own mother. So sweet and so willing to feed us. She wasn't going to have us leave without a full belly. Thank you lady at Mai Thai. Thank you for making us feel so loved.

--Joe Kwon

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