Citrus Thai - Seattle, WA

Pad Thai
Our day in Seattle seems to be one big blur in my memory. As we were wrapping up a live podcast and driving back to the Paramount Theater, un-loading, getting to a photo shoot, followed by an interview, I realized it was almost 4 o'clock and none of us had eaten any lunch. I knew there were plenty of restaurants in the vicinity and found the closest one and gave it a shot. I lucked out again.

The pad thai was nice and juicy and sour just like I like it. The noodles weren't over cooked and it didn't wreak of fish sauce. The tofu and the chicken varieties were both well executed and had just the right amount of spice. Of all the pad thai's we've encountered on the road I thought this ranked very high up there, and it was cheap to boot.

Basil Chicken
The basil chicken had some nice basil flavor, which seems to be the lacking part in every basil chicken I've ordered at a restaurant. They always seem to lack the basil. Go figure. This time Citrus Thai hit it right on target.

I also have to mention the super nice service that I received when I went to pick up the food. The food had not been finished yet so the gentleman serving asked me to take a seat anywhere in the now empty restaurant and brought me a big cup of thai iced tea. It was just enough to hold me over. To make things even sweeter, he realized that I didn't have enough arms to carry everything and so he walked the food back to the venue with me. Now THAT'S what I call service!

Joe Kwon

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