Kushi - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Karaage Combo Box
As soon as I walked out of Coco Noodle Express I walked right upon this spot. Of course you can imagine the thoughts that were going through my head. "Am I still hungry?" "Could I eat more right now?" "Can it really be as good as it smells and looks?" "How do I tell my friends I want to eat again?"

Grill Master
SO anyways, it all got worked out. Ingrid, Lucas, and I went walking around Vancouver to walk off some of our late lunch and by the time we had gotten back to the bus it was much too late to get a proper sit down meal. (no I didn't plan it that way...or did I?) So I HAD to go step in to Kushi Box and order me up some food!

Onion P-toro Box - Pork toro on rice with onion sauce and half boiled egg
If you like salty meats and perfectly gooey half boiled eggs over some nice rice, you're going to love this place. The prices are a bit high especially for the combos. BUT, for the kind of food you're getting and considering it's in Vancouver, you're doing alright at about $7 Canadian.

I don't recommend getting the karaage combo, only because the karaage was nothing special, but then again I'm quite picky about my karaage. I don't recall how much more it was, but it definitely isn't worth the extra dough.

All in all I'd definitely go back. It's good for your soul to eat there, and that's enough to make me a return customer.

Joe Kwon
NOTE:Take cash, they don't accept US debit cards or credit cards.