Frida Bistro - Salt Lake City, UT

Frida Bistro is Mexican food like I've never had it before. If you are fortunate enough to be able to stop by this gem hidden in what looks like an up and coming neighborhood of Salt Lake City, UT, you should take your time and savor each and every bite.

The above is a gordita the chef sent out as an "amuse-bouche." The are small corn meal cakes filled with a mexican soft cheese and sprinkled with savory pumpkin seeds.

These three "salsas" were so fresh and perfectly spicy for the novice spice lover. Not too much kick, but present kick. From left to right: Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Salsa Verde.

Two of their spicier salsas. These were much more my speed since I love any hot sauce that makes me hate myself the next day. You heat lovers all know what I mean. A good hot sauce should always burn you twice!

If you recall at Azkena Rock Fest, I had the chance to eat a melon gazpacho, and as you may recall I loved it. So, when Frida Bistro had it on their menu I had to give it another go. I wasn't disappointed. I loved the addition of jicama on their version giving a nice crunch to each bite. This was a bit more mild and tangier than the one I had in Spain, but equally deliciouso.

What do you get when you stuff half an avocado with crab claw meat and top it with a delicious citrus dressing? Perfection! This salad is one of those dishes that comes to the table and you immediately know you've made the wrong decision not ordering it for yourself. I could have made a meal of this thing. It was stuffed full, overflowing with crab meat. The dressing on it complimented the avocado AND the crab so well that you really did get a sense that this combination must have happened before.

These blue corn quesadillas had such a nice subtle, light flavor. I'm in love with the idea of drizzling a little honey to contrast the the savory quesadillas. A great little appetizer or meal for kids.

This frisée salad with melon is a great summer dish. The brightness and juiciness of the melon goes well with the lightly bitter frisée. Everything here is so fresh and crisp, it's all about texture texture texture.

I'm a huge fan of pork as you all may know. When it comes to flavor in meats, my rule of thumb is always go closer to the bone. This shank is braised to fall-off-the-bone-perfection and served with some nice cilantro rice.

I'm not one to ever order chilé relleno so I can't begin to make a comparison because my knowledge is so limited, but call it the wine or just pure satisfaction of the meal thus far, but I loved it as well.

One thing that Frida Bistro does well is make you feel like you're experiencing something unique and very special. It's an odd find in such a city as Salt Lake City, and I guess in that sense it's not that out of place.

--Joe Kwon