Local Eats: Asuka Japanese Restaurant - Morrisville, NC

I'm constantly on the lookout for new noodle soups everywhere. I make it a point to order noodle soups in as many different places as possible from as many different regions as possible. Champong from Korea, boat noodles from Thai Land, ramen noodles from China, and of course, shown above, udon noodles from Japan. The most important components of udon are the broth and consistency of the noodles. The trimmings such as shiitake mushrooms, tempura shrimp, spinach, fish cakes, etc. are secondary. The udon from Asuka had a nice clear broth and a taut noodle. The trimmings were equally amazing. This is a great winter dish so I hope you'll try to find some in your area. If you're in my area though, go check out Asuka.

Joe Kwon