Pho Viet - Columbia, SC

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

We didn't expect much from this highway side Vietnamese restaurant but we were pleasantly surprised when the prices were cheap and the portions, huge.

Combination Fried Rice

Every Asian culture has their own style of fried rice, and I would venture to guess none of them are very traditional. This style is more chinese influenced using thai style rice. I could go on at great lengths about the different types of rice used as well but it wouldn't interest anyone. In any case I love fried rice, but it's rare that I would pay money for it since it's mostly left over parts throw together to make plain rice cost more.

Pork Bun with Spring Roll and Shrimp

Bun is one of my go to dishes for Vietnamese food. It's great for a hot summer day and the flavors are all over the board in a very good way. The rice noodles, are usually topped with a protein of your choice (I highly recommend grilled pork) and served with fresh veggies and a fish sauce based dressing. It's sweet, salty, sour, and delicious.

Bun Bo Hue

I love bun bo hue as a spicy alternative to pho. The difference between the two dishes is huge. The broth is spicy, the noodles are thicker, and the overall palate flavor is a lot fattier. If you've never tried it, give it a go the next time you need to quench you pho craving.


And speaking of pho, Pho Viet gives you a LOT of it. I prefer the extra tendons (Em can't handle the texture) with rare sliced beef and meatballs. If you didn't take my recommendation to try Vietnamese food the last time go out and try it now.

--Joe Kwon