Local Eats: Only Burger

Only burger used to be Only a food cart but since their great success as a food cart they opened this retail location. I just had the pleasure of eating one of their delish burger delights and thought I should spread the word.

Only burger is located near the intersection of Martin Luther King Parkway and Shannon Rd in Durham, NC. The burgers can be topped with all sorts of goodies and their fries are hand cut. But, the big standout side are their onion rings! Crispy and thick cut onions that are dusted in panko and fried to perfection. And you can't forget about the herb ranch dressing that they are served with. Just awesome.

Their burgers are good. You can really just choose from their variety of toppings and go nuts. I went with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and jalapeños. You're not going to walk out with a drastically tinnier wallet and it's tasty.

I didn't think the fries were particularly out of this world, but they are nice fresh cut fries with plenty of crisp. I just like my fry to be a bit thicker, but that's personal preference.

I love the prices and reasonable sized burgers at Only Burger and you better believe with it being as close to my house as it is, that I'll go back!