4 Pizzas From Otto Pizza - Portland, ME

When you role into a town that is in one of the far corners of the US, you are bound to get a lot of recommendations about local attractions and food attractions in particular. We were fortunate enough to be steered to Otto Pizza in Portland, ME. The pizza's are fresh and the staff is super cool. I loved the smallness of their shop and the smiles on their faces. I let the cashier lady put my order in for me and had her give me 4 of their most popular pizzas.

Sweet Potato, Cranberry, Goat Cheese The above pizza was by far my favorite. The flavors just mesh so well together to give you a pizza that isn't too greasy and seems healthy in the end. The sweetness of all three toppings is what really shines in this pie!

Tomato, Basil, Ricotta This is a variation on a classic margarita pizza but instead of fresh buffalo mozzarella Otto's uses ricotta which gives it a much lighter flavor. You really start to notice how they are working with subtlety at Otto rather than punch you in the face flavors. Super nice!

Bacon, Basil, Mashed Potatoes I would consider this pizza that was born out of necessity of being in a cold northern town. It really tastes like a loaded baked potato when you closed your eyes with the crust being like the skin of a well baked potato, crispy, crusty, goodness. They did a good job of not over seasoning the potatoes before putting them on so the whole pizza isn't overly salty at all.

Sausage, Onion, Tomatoes This is the big punch you in the face pie. You'll love it if you want fresh ingredients that will fill you up and give you the energy you need. The sausage is cut nice and thin while the onions are cut a little larger. The nice balance of those two ingredients alone made for a great pie.

Check out Otto Pizza online.

--Joe Kwon