Akiko's Restaurant - San Francisco, CA

After a marathon day of eating, guided by my long time friends Pam and Alvin. We came across Pam's favorite sushi spot in San Francisco. Mind you, at this point in the day I've already eaten some 6-8 meals, but Pam insisted we stop in for some Uni(sea urchin). She spoke with the owner and convinced him to open up a new package of uni from Hokkaido. The uni was so buttery and smoothe, the flavor so barely briny, creamy, and not even a trace of fishiness.

The chef also made a beautiful piece of sushi that utilized a fired piece of Ankimo(monk fish liver) that is glazed and was just beautiful. The flavors all work so well with each other. I thought I was going to be done there, but the chef had something else in mind. He gave me a piece of tuna, followed by hamachi, and finally a wonderful piece of halibut. With that last piece of fish, my dining experience for the day was over.

Check out Akiko's Restaurant website for more information.