Au Général La Fayette - Paris, France

This day was a day filled with many many miles of walking the streets of Paris to try to get lost. Crackerfarm (@crackerfarm) and I set our destination for Sacré-Cœur and started walking. Knowing that the Sacré-Cœur was up at the highest point of Paris, we just started walking up hill. Lo and behold our assumptions were right!

We stumbled across this restaurant while attempting to get lost in this wonderful city. In fact it's pretty difficult to get lost in a city when you know what 'metro' stop your hotel is off of. But nonetheless the romanticized view of coming across something no one else has seen was on our minds, and we were bound to find it. Well of course this didn't happen but it did lead us to several beautiful boulangeries and patisseries. (Post to come later!)

When I was planning my culinary endeavors for this trip I knew I wanted to eat a three very specific things. They were crépes, duck confit, and a croque madame. This french really know how to eat and I'm not just talking about their fine dining, but I'm talking about their bistro foods. Duck confit is duck that is slowly cooked in duck fat. How can you go wrong, right? This duck confit was cooked so perfectly with a nice crispy skin and rich dark meat and served with garlic potatoes. Confit de Conard, Pommes à l'Ail

I don't think it'd be a true bistro style meal without proper bread and of course moutarde. If you follow my twitter feed (@joekwon80) you know I kinda set out early in the morning today trying to find some find french dijon mustard. There is nothing like it, and in france every bistro serves up their bread with a good spicy dijon, at least all the ones I've been to. I can't emphasize what an amazing this mustard is. It's great with the bread that comes with the meal as well as a substitution for the ketchup for fries (although not as good a substitution as mayo). Moutard

In any case a good attempt at getting lost in this beautiful city turned out to be a culinary jackpot. I can't wait to come back to Paris and lose myself again!

Au Revoir!
--Joe Kwon