Michigan St Diner - Milwaukee, WI

It's so gratifying to drive into a town early in the morning, realize you have no idea where you are, walk into the nearest coffee shop and, looking disheveled ask, "Where's the nearest breakfast joint?" only to get a spot on recommendation.

Michigan St Diner is the quintessential corner diner that you would walk right by if you weren't told to stop. Located in an old office building, Mich. St. Diner is a small little hole in the wall with tons of ambience, and from what I could tell, filled with locals. Just as you would expect from a diner such as this, the coffee is terrible, the eggs are cooked perfectly, the bacons crispy and margarine is still considered butter. What's NOT to love about a place that doesn't heed latest warnings about trans-fats. They've done it this way for years and years and now's no time to stop! We were recommended the French toast by our waitress so I just had to give it a try. Not the best I've had in my life but still damn good. The bread is kinda like texas toast and therefore sucks up a lot of the custard which leaves a nice moist sweet toast. I loved it but I could see how some wouldn't dig on it.

My sausage was perfect! Crispy, fatty, crunchy, and more than likely deep fried as well. I'm starting to love this blog more and more because it's making me go find places like THIS to eat! My doctor's probably gonna have a heart attack for me for saying such things.

--Joe Kwon

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