Conti - Brunswick Head, NSW, Australia

We arrived at Colongata Airport early enough in the morning the day of our first performance at Byron Bay Bluesfest to stop off at a nice spot for lunch. The beauty of the country side here really struck an accord with me right away. It's unlike the country side you see in NC but more like what you'd see in Hawaii. The lush trees are spotted with bright colorful flowers and the air smells sweeter for some reason. Conti (short for continental) was recommended to us by our artist liaison from the festival.

Everything here just seems a bit fresher. The seafood obviously comes out of the water and has to travel a shorter distance from water to plate so I'm sure that has something to do with it. There's something so tropical about this place. Conti is a nice little restaurant situated among a short row of small independently owned shops all in the open air. We sat down not knowing what to expect but certainly enjoying the pleasant sounds of rain hitting the ground around us. Sipping on a cup of ginger beer I sat back and remembered how lucky I am to be doing what I do.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer
The spaghetti had a spicy broth containing charred zucchini, tomatoes, onions, and fresh squid. It tasted like a smokey, rich, spicy, oceanic, cup of ambrosia. Truly amazing!

--Joe Kwon