Local Eats: Bánh mi Saigon Sandwiches & Bakery

I'm all about some good food. If it's cheap, well . . . it tastes even better! This little spot on High Point Rd in Greensboro is a foodie haven. The sandwiches are cheap, delicious, and fresh. In fact whenever I stop off I always grab a couple sandwiches to eat later in the week. A classic sandwich consists of some onion, cilantro, carrot, cucumber, pate, jalapenos, and a special mayo sauce. Simple!

Did you happen to notice the prices?
You just can't beat it. I recommend the #1 with extra jalapenos and paté!
They also sell these other little treats in the store as well. I'm guessing everything is made in house so it's probably all delish.
I'm not quite sure what these taste like but something tells me you should ask before you buy. Nothing like thinking you're gonna get a desert and it turns out to be seaweed soup.
These are right next to the cash register and cost a little more than the sandwiches if I'm not mistaken. Just little desert treats that you can eat later.
These make great breakfast sandwiches with a strong cup of coffee. I can't tell you why, they just do. This is a classic Bánh mi sandwich.

If you've got a moment for lunch and you live in G-boro, check out this little family owned shop. You WON'T be disappointed. Click on this Google link for address and direction info.

--Joe Kwon