Sura - Providence, RI

A quick post about this spot in Providence, RI we came across while walking around. If you know anything about me, I get that itch for some comfort food while I'm on the road. While I'm all for some bacon mac and cheese, nothing can replace my craving for some good ole Korean food. Sura, fit the bill for some good ole deliciousness.

What is "bibimbap"? It's rice topped with all sorts of goodies from spinach, roots of various kinds, some sort of protein, and an egg. Then you pour over it a sweet and spicy pepper sauce. It's a great one bowl meal.


Seoul Garden - Midwest City, OK

This place is located about a quarter mile from where we were playing and I'm gonna be completely honest, but the first time I went to Seoul Garden I didn't like their food. Back a couple of years ago, Justin and I were driving across the country from CA to NC and one of our stops happened to be Midwest City, OK. I didn't realize this of course until I went to Seoul Garden again today and recognized the plain interior design. I almost didn't go in today. I was so turned off the first time I thought to myself I better not even waste my time. Ban Chan are little side dishes that come with all Korean meals. They differ from day to day. Lucky me I chose that some Korean food is better than none. Much to my surprise Seoul Garden has stepped up their game. My experience today was much different from two years ago. The banchan was tastey, the bibimbap was hot and perfectly caramelized. It was like down home cooking for under 7 dollars an entree. How on earth did this happen? I guess it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that I got my fill of comfort food today. So I left happy and full!

Dolsot Bibimbap is a rice dish with assorted veggies and meat in a stone bowl that is heated to a very high temperature.

Do not go to this place expecting nice decor and ambience. It's about as charming as a grocery store. I must say though I'm quite partial to places that lack decor. It means instead of paying for two large terra cotta horses in the front of a restaurant, you're saving money on the food. There it is folks. One of my secrets for finding cheap dining. The less ambience, the cheaper the food(and sometimes better the food).


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