Bouchon Bakery - Las Vegas, NV

One of dream is to go eat at French Laundry near Napa and get to meet one of my biggest idols in the food world, Thomas Keller. Bouchon Bakery is a sub-venture of his restaurant Bouchon which also has a location near Napa as well as in Las Vegas in the Venitian. Speaking of dreams, walking up on Bouchon Bakery was like finding an oasis in the middle of the sin city desert. Golden brown colors, next to vibrant reds and chocolate browns, all there for the taking.

Now I'm not a gambler although I've been known to throw craps from time to time, but then I realized I could just GIVE my money to anyone and they would take it really. Or to one up that, I could just give my money to Bouchon Bakery and I was guaranteed a return! I challenge you to beat THOSE odds.

As you can see by the pictures the selection here is divine and the coffee wasn't half bad either for a kiosk style spot in a casino. I prepared myself to kill myself in chocolate bliss but decided to change it up and get some gifts for my family. So I ordered up a sampler packet of macaroons and THEN picked up some treats for myself.

My heart was torn between here I really couldn't just order one thing right? So I ordered up some of these jelly filled dough balls and a couple chocolate bouchons. Literally translated "bouchon" means cork, like a wine cork. I would have to say if for any reason you should pick up Bouchon's cookbook it's to make those brownies. Of all the brownies I've had they are the most decadent you'll ever eat. In fact the brownie was so good I couldn't tell you the littlest about the dough ball.

--Joe Kwon