Local Eats: Only Burger

Only burger used to be Only a food cart but since their great success as a food cart they opened this retail location. I just had the pleasure of eating one of their delish burger delights and thought I should spread the word.

Only burger is located near the intersection of Martin Luther King Parkway and Shannon Rd in Durham, NC. The burgers can be topped with all sorts of goodies and their fries are hand cut. But, the big standout side are their onion rings! Crispy and thick cut onions that are dusted in panko and fried to perfection. And you can't forget about the herb ranch dressing that they are served with. Just awesome.

Their burgers are good. You can really just choose from their variety of toppings and go nuts. I went with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and jalapeños. You're not going to walk out with a drastically tinnier wallet and it's tasty.

I didn't think the fries were particularly out of this world, but they are nice fresh cut fries with plenty of crisp. I just like my fry to be a bit thicker, but that's personal preference.

I love the prices and reasonable sized burgers at Only Burger and you better believe with it being as close to my house as it is, that I'll go back!


The Water Street Landing - Lewiston, NY

Comfort food found at Niagara Falls! Who would have thunk it. During our recent tour we made our way from Toronto, Ontario to the beautiful city by the river, Lewiston, NY. The Water Street Landing is a nice restaurant situated right on the US side of the river. I was really impressed with the food here. Well prepared and presented. So much so I couldn't wait to get some mac&cheese in my mouth. Sorry about that photo, I was HUNGRY!

This mac&cheese was special. I've actually never tried anything like it. I thought I had explored every odd flavor combination of mac&cheese in college trying to save a few cents. Well I guess if you throw some high quality smoked gouda into the mix it'll spice up the richness factor to any dish. This stuff was so gooey and rich it was too much to finish among 5 of us. We ate half the plate and couldn't bring ourselves to continue in good conscience. Would I get it again? In a heart beat. And I'd bring more people to share it with.

Pear, Gorganzola, and Walnut Salad
Definitely one of the most well presented salads I've seen in a while. It's not going for minimalism like a lot of salads these days. But rather going for pure decadence in a salad. Love it.

Fresh Cut French Fries
You know about my long standing love affair with french fries. I thought I've had the best fries in the world when I got to try Thomas Keller's version. They may still be the best for the cleanliness factor, but these were down and dirty and oh so tasty from a home grown point of view. This is what a french fry needs to taste like when you are eating a juicy cheese burger. Crisp, salty, and earthy. Perfection!

Cheese Burger w/ Sweet Potato Fries
It's hard to please me when it comes to cheese burgers. I rarely like the way they are prepared in restaurants because they are too salty, or not salty enough, too dry, too boring. The burgers here didn't leave much to the imagination in terms of flavor, but what it lacked in flavor it made up for in texture. A really nice soft meat that was juicy all the way through and when accompanied with some fresh cut sweet potato fries and honey, it wasn't half bad. If you're wondering about the sweet potato fries, they are the best I've ever had at a restaurant. Worth ordering over and over again. But now I'm torn, do I go sweet or regular?

--Joe Kwon

For more info on The Waterside Landing click here.

O'Donaghue's Pub 15 - Dublin, Ireland

This isn't really one of those places I'd blog about. The food was just, meh, but the Guinness was impeccable! It was like you could pick up the head on top with a fork. So thick and creamy! Just the right temperature!

I ordered this burger from the waitress who asked me "would you like pepper sauce?" I didn't quite understand what she was saying so I replied "Yes, bacon and cheese please." This is how Dublin is going to be for me. There is one great thing about this burger that I must include. If you could look past the overcooked patty and the soggy bacon, the meat itself was tasty! It had quite a bit of lamb in it giving it a nice rich flavor, at least that's what I think it was. The "chips" were hot but I'm starting to think the Irish aren't about fresh cut fries. Either that or I'm just not in the right food area. You put enough malt vinegar on fries and it'll make them taste just right.

--Joe Kwon

Booche's - Columbia, MO

You must know one very important thing about Booche's. Do NOT order french fries. You might get kicked out it's such a serious offense. However, DO order more than one burger because you won't be full off of just one. Each burger is about a 1/4 lb patty and I recommend getting it with "the works." They may not be big but they are very tasty. I think a lot of the flavor has to come from the tiny grill top they use to serve this large pool hall/bar.

As far as ambience goes, let's just say I wouldn't bring my family here. It's a bar filled with old men drinking at 11 in the morning. But if you're fine with that, and giving your kids unhealthy foods, then go for it. Why not get them started early on bad eating habits, right! I did!

--Joe Kwon

For more information click here.