Local Eats: Dain's Place - Durham, NC

My cousin's Sol and Kun were the ones who discovered this place and raved about it for months before we decided to grab a bite here for Taste on Tour. I've been kind of a larda$$ lately and I thought I should kick off a new wave of working out and health consciousness with a nice burger. I guess it was a sort of an era coming to an end for me.

Ring of Fire a.k.a. chili cheese fries with jalepenos
We were a little bit dissapointed when these came out because I ordered the Tots of fire after my cousins told me about how awesome the tots are here at Dains. Regardless, I'm not one to turn back a good place of fries.

The fries are nice crisp shoestrings and the chili adds a nice sweetness to the kick of the jalepenos. If I were to get them again, which for the sake of my heart I probably wont, I'd order it with extra jalepenos. Still, they were good to the last bite.

8 oz. burger w/ Pimento Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoe, Pickles, Spicy Ketchup
I should warn you that this is an enourmous amount of food. If you do decide to get some tots with your burger remember that you're getting a full basket and with a 1/2lb burger it's going to make you extremely full.

The burger was excellent. A nice moist meat that is soft and well prepared. The only thing I'd have to say about mine that is purely personal preference is that I like my burgers medium rare and this one was more of a medium. The nice thing about Dain's is that you can create your own burger. Most of the toppings and toppings that aren't free are about .75 cents so it's not going to break your bank to get creative here.

All in all I had a great time at this little dive bar/restaurant. Live music, great laid back atmostphere, and most importantly great food.

--Joe Kwon

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