Before the Avett Brothers

So, before I joined the Avett Brothers on their journey, I was in a band called Big Pretty and the Red Rockets, which morphed into a band called BUS. We had some good times all over NC and beyond, and figured we were going to take over the world ;) It didn't pan out, but it was a blast while it lasted and it led me to where I am now, so I am forever grateful for those days and that music. Just before I came on full time with the Avetts, BUS recorded an album in Greensboro, NC, titled 'Moving People.' Then the band members went our separate ways. It was our swan song. We toured the album for a bit, but years later, we still have boxes of the album in our closets, which is a shame because we think it turned out really great. In the hopes of sharing it with a wider audience, putting all these CDs in stereos and ears, and making some cash to put toward a reunion show someday, we are selling the physical CD on for $8. You could get the digital download of the album for $9.99, but then you wouldn't get an actual physical object to hold, with all the lyrics and artwork wrapped in 'American Chrome' (the official yellow paint color of school buses, no lie). The music will have to speak for itself, but I think it rocks. I hope you think so to! Happy Holidays!

Get the CD here.

Joe Kwon