Local Eats: Farmers' Market - Durham, NC

Garlic Chives
It's sad to say it's taken me this long to make my way to the Durham Farmer's market. I'd been hearing about it for ever and ever and I kept telling myself . . . "Next weekend I'll go for sure." Well I guess it was that time. Em and I hopped on over one saturday late morning just catching the tail end of the market and it was glorious.

Fresh Herbs
There were so many beautiful produce sitting around waiting to become a beautiful dish, and so many colors from the neat crafts being sold there. If you have the time and live anywhere near this market you really need to go. Parking wasn't terribly difficult considering you can park on the street around most of the market. The atmosphere is friendly and the vendors are more than willing to talk to you about their produce and how it's grown.

Who knows maybe you'll even meet a new friend there like I did. This is Ears. He's a rescue dog who was there waiting on momma to pick up some fresh foods.

Anyways, definitely get your butts down to the Durham Farmers' market. You will most definitely no leave empty handed.

--Joe Kwon

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