Local: Pizzeria Toro (@pizzeriatoro) - Durham, NC

Had the chance to check out this great spot in downtown Durham to celebrate Emily's first publication.

We walked in on a Wednesday evening to find the place bumpin'! There was a 30-45 minute wait at 7:30 at night and that seemed pretty conservative. The nice lady at the door sent us over to the bar for some amazing drinks though, and I highly recommend their signature drinks.

We ordered 2 appetizers and 4 pizzas between the 4 of us and that was more than plenty. Actually, it would have been fine with 2 apps and 2 pizzas.

The style here is wood fire oven done the right way with really fresh ingredients. We had the egg, goat sausage, the pistachio and onion (thanks to a twitter recommendations), and the buffalo mozz. and the stand out was for me was the egg.

All in all I can't wait to go back to this spot and proud that its in Durham.

Twitter: @pizzeriatoro


Local Eats: Neal's Deli - Carrboro, NC

I've always loved the breakfast sandwiches at Neal's and I just haven't had the opportunity to take a picture of them for the blog. Here are a couple samples of the many options they have there at Neal's Deli.

The pastrami, egg, and cheese is awesome. There is a sweetness, either from the biscuit or pastrami, that translates well in the sandwich. The biscuits at Neal's are super flaky and buttery and not overly bready. Very dense with a salty buttery soutside and a moist inside. Just the right kind of biscuit.

The ham and egg biscuit I don't nearly like as much as the plain ole ham biscuit. I guess I was expecting a runny fried egg rather than scrambled egg. I still enjoyed it though!

Em ordered the cucumber salad today and it really hit the spot with just the right amount of sour and crunch to offset the heaviness from the buttery biscuit.