La Bonne Soupe Cafe - Sacramento, CA

Smoked Salmon and Soupe D'oignon
Just a little quick post to give this little restaurant the attention it deserves. Although, I don't think it's any secret, La Bonne Soupe Cafe serves up some of the most delicious, freshly made french sandwiches in Sacramento, CA. The Cliff's note version is this. Man works as chef for a major hotel, man opens small sandwich shop and runs the whole operation himself. It's an amazingly cute spot near the capital and like any great restaurant, once the days offerings are done, there isn't any more. So get in early, get in line, wait it out, be prepared to order, and enjoy the best sandwich you will have today!

This little shop only opens for lunch and he always runs out of the specials, so if you want to try them you have to go early.

Chef de Cuisine
Here, the chef assembles some beautiful soupe d'oignon. Everything is hand made one at a time. It's just the most beautiful thing to watch. Such precision and care is put in to each sandwich it's obvious before you even put the sandwich to your mouth, that it's going to be delicious!

--Joe Kwon

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