Zunzi's Express- Savannah, GA

Get the defibrillator out. This Zunzi's post will slow you heart down just by looking at it.

Tips: 1) Get your order ready before you approach this counter. These guys move fast and if you don't know what you want they may skip you. 2)Don't be rude, everyone is hungry so there's no reason to make these guys' jobs any harder. 3)Don't wear white. These aren't the cleanest eats you can find. 4)Make sure to get there early. This little restaurant seems to attract the locals pretty quickly and during peak times you'll be waiting outside just to get a sandwich. However, it is worth every bit of the weight!

Godfather - Chicken and Sausage
A mixture of chicken and smoked sausage goes in between the hoagie roll then topped with marinara and parm cheese. You wanna take it to the next level? Then add their two special mayo based sauces.

Fisherman - AKA Fishsticks - Salmon
A nice fried salmon goes in with some veggies in this simple sandwich. Top it with either the special spicy sauce or the other mayo sauce and it'll make you feel like taking a nap right away.

Conquistador - Chicken
This is a basic chicken that has been seasoned and prepared to be extremely tender. So tender you'd think that it was some sort of white fish. The combination of the sauces brings a ton of flavor to this sandwich, but it was a bit too much for me. I felt a bit heavy and slow after eating. It may be a better idea to get the sauces on the side (S.O.S.).

--Joe Kwon

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