Local Eats: Achalee Thai - Greenville, NC

Chicken WIngs Achalee serves up some great dishes with always fresh veggies. One of the best parts about getting food here is that their veggies are never overcooked. (at least the three times I've been) I thought I'd just post up a quick little post about some of the dishes that Em and I really have come to like.

These wings are so crispy and crunchy you'll love how they are fried up. They have a perfect crunch, and a ton of meat on the wings.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup with Seafood

This is definitely a main course kind of dish. The bowl of soup is plenty big and comes packed with seafood and fresh veggies. (this last time I felt the squid was a bit strong flavor wise)

Green Curry with Pork I like to order a good green curry because the flavor is so complex with savoriness and sweetness all at once. You can order dishes at Achalee with a spice scale of 1-5. I chose 6. I love the burn of the broth with all the fresh eggplant, sugar snaps, bell peppers, onions, bamboo shoots, and pork.

Achalee is located in a bit of a depressing looking strip mall, in my opinion though, that makes me like it even more!