Casa Nueva Cantina - Athens, OH

We started the 2010 tour off with a bang, literally. At 7-am on February 24, 2010 we were just 30 minutes away from Athens when I woke up to the smell of burning rubber and what felt like rumble strips. NOT yum! After hearing everyone rave about this restaurant I just had to go and with this little set back it was looking like it wasn't going to happen. Luckily I found a couple extra minutes between load in and sound check to go and explore. I b-lined it straight to Casa Cantina to find Scott and Seth had already beat me to the punch. They had just ordered but I eat fast so it was alright. I didn't have time to look at the menu so I just ask our very nice waitress what to get and was steered to the Casa Burrito. Being the heat seeker I am I asked for the hottest salsa they have. This would later be a great idea!
Scott and Seth seemed to have the inside track on Casa. Their breakfasts looked amazing and I may or may not have snuck a bite in to taste it as well. I gotta say the bread at Casa is just about as perfect as wheat bread can get. Light, crisp, and buttery. Wonderful. This was an omlet made with spinach and local sausage. So delicious!
These are the vegetarian sausage patties. Seth prefers them with a little maple syrup. YUM!

If you don't know much about this place it is a coop of founders and staff owners. All the produce and meats, I believe, come from local farms giving them the freshest in seasonal vegetables. There is so much to be said about that. This gives me a chance to plug buying local. There is something so wonderful about getting vegetables and knowing exactly where they came from. Go out there and visit your local farmers market you'd be amazed at the wonderful things you can pick up.

This is the Casa Burrito. You notice how the plate has some burn marks? Well that's because these aren't normal burritos. Something Casa does a little differently is to make the burrito and then broil them to a crispy outside leaving the salsa hot and the plate sizzling. A wonderful idea!

My only complaint I have about this burrito is that it lacks the heat all the way through. But that's mostly because I like to scald my mouth when I take bites of food.

If you'd like more information click on the google link here.