Local Eats: Just Dandylion - Greensboro, NC

I'm so amazed at these two girls project company and the product is just amazing. It's worth a try if you like good sweet and a bit salty chocolatey, fudgy, pie-y, goodness. If you have half a heart you'll think the story is one of vision and entrepreneurial drive. Here's the story from the mother behind these two amazing girls idea.

"Lily (Higgins) is 15 and she's always been inventive in the kitchen. One Mother's Day, when she did not have all the ingredients and utensils for a particular treat, she fashioned foil ramekins and modified the recipe to surprise me with these molten chocolate cakes. One day last year, she invented the cutie pie, a butter cookie crust with an intoxicating brownie filling. Lily got her babysitting certification, but decided she'd rather earn money baking. She'd like to own a bakery-maybe after attending art school and traveling! In the spring, she invited a friend, Olivia Meyer Jennette, to join her in production - they take custom orders and plan to develop more recipes. Lily designed the logo and started the Just Dandylion Original Baked Goods facebook page. She wants people to post pics of their "first bite" there- takes after her marketer mom. . ."

I've attached their card here just in case your interested in ordering a box or two of them. I suggest you do!

--Joe Kwon

If you are interested in reading more, click through to their facebook page.