Interstate BBQ - Memphis, TN

Don't get me started on the argument of BBQ. There are whole blogs dedicated to that. I'm just here to talk about good fall off the bone pork ribs from Interstate BBQ. You might know the family name of the Neely's. TV shows revolve around the name, and in most cases I tend to stay away from such high profile places. I'm all about honest, good food. I was so thrilled when I drove up to Interstate though, because the place was just on the side of a highway and the parking lot was full. No frills, no special decor, just the old style Memphis pork ribs they must have been serving for years.

You can see the sides, but, I can't really comment on their goodness because it was over shadowed by the fall off the bone pork. If you've got a minute to stop in and check this place out as you're driving through Memphis, do it!