Ladurée - Paris, France

I had the pleasure of trying out this fantastic, very well known, spot on Champs Elysee with my good friends Miles, Gavin, and Tracy (@broadbranchgirl). Many many thousands of people must flock to this famous restaurant/patisserie from all over the world. I've had Ladurée macaroons before and I can tell you they are delicious! This time I wanted to see how their breakfast stood up. (Note: don't try to take pictures of the patisserie!)

Doesn't that bread look divine! When you first go into this restaurant you'll see a long line of people waiting at the patisserie to pick up gifts for their special someone, or just a treat for one's self. You can't go wrong there at all. But step into the very posh looking dining room area and you'll be amazed at the craftsmanship of the whole establishment. You sit at marble topped tables and couches where you eat a leisurely lunch. The staff on the whole was very nice except for the obvious sour-pus who wanted to try to ruin my morning. He must have been having a bad day. After reading the little mission statement in the front of the menu you can't help but believe you're in for a treat.

Omelette Morille I just had to order this dish because I love morels so much. This dish is VERY simple as most all of the dishes are on this menu. It's just a very fresh omelette filled with morel mushrooms, and topped with mushroom sauce. It's perfectly rich and definitely decadent!

Au revoir!
--Joe Kwon