Big Bananas Nightshop - Amsterdam, Holland

Just a quick post about a shop I fell in love with while we were briefly in Holland. This place wasn't the cheapest place in the world but it was open late and it was stocked with a lot of fresh produce and not crowded with people who were . . . uh . . . out of sorts. :)

I'd never eaten a dragon fruit before so I wasn't sure what to expect from it. This fruit has a very light flavor and the meat of the fruit is much like a kiwi. It's lightly sweet and has a floral quality to it.
I have no idea what this fruit is called but it tastes very much like a passion fruit. The outside is stiff but fragile. The inside is slimy and the sweetness is in the juice surrounding the seeds. I was a little afraid to eat this fruit at first but quickly got over it and slurped up every bit of it.

--Joe Kwon

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