Local Eats: Los Portales - Wilmington, NC

Photog note: Cheap Mexican food may taste good but it sure doesn't look good. I've recently found out that it is really quite difficult to take tasty photos of Mexican food. Los Portales is a great taqueria in Wilmington that you should definitely checkout for yourself. My photos do not do the place justice. Cheap and oh so tasty!

Chicken Quesadilla
Rich and creamy with cheese and chicken gooing out of the sides. If you are looking for a heavy meal at this taqueria you need to get one of these. Go load it up with your favorite salsas and trimmings and beware the spicy red sauce!

Vegetarian Burrito
I didn't realize a vegetarian burrito could taste so good. Inside this amazing burrito isn't a dry, hodgepodge of under cooked veggies and filler rice. Instead it is full of a red sauce mixed with all sorts of yummy flavors and veggies. It was like eating Mexican gravy in a burrito. If there is such a thing as Mexican gravy.

2 Chicken Chalupas
These are a bit of a more refined dish at Los Portales. They are a layer of fried tortilla topped with chicken and veggies. If you're looking for high class eating at a taqueria here it is. In all seriousness, you can't go wrong with these.

3 Tacos: Chicharon, Steak, and Pulled Pork
The pièce de résistance for a taqueria, the taco. If you are looking to get yourself full on tacos you might as well order at least 3. These are fresh made to order tacos with two corn tortillas that are filled with your meat of choice. I had to go with chicaron (pork rinds), steak and pulled pork of course. Everyone needs a bit more fat with their fat. I know my toppings aren't artistically stacked and it just looks like a mess, but underneath those veggies are an amazing explosion of flavor. If you're mobile in Wilmington you have to try this taqueria. It will NOT disappoint.

--Joe Kwon

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